10:01:00 PM

I'm moving~!!

Posted by BabyPanda

I am moving to a new house!!!
I am going to leave this blog here.
Err...may be as a memory or as my notes ^^

Okay lar...the reason I move is because of this useless blog got something wrong with the template's html.
Getting sick of fixing it, so I prefer to move to a new "house"!!

tehee...I'm still welcome you all to visit my old house here for some references and informations.
But I think not much info can be found here!! hahaa..

By the way, I'm officially invite all the bloggers and readers to visit my new house and remember do drop some comments there yea ^^

Take care!!

My new house address >>>> http://zzzbbpandazzz.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the supprting, friends!!!


kenneth said...

hey , cant click in to your "new house" . hahha